Truffle cake (taste of childhood).

Truffle cake (taste of childhood).

Ingredients for biscuit:

5 large eggs
170 g. Sahara
130 g. flour
20 gr. starch
90 ml of warm water
8 g. baking powder



Ingredients for Cream:

315 gr. cream 25%
150 gr. bitter chocolate
125 g. Sahara
5 yolks
180 gr. oils
135 g. milk
1 gr. vanillin
70 gr. chocolate

Ingredients for truffle crumbs:

250 gr. Sahara
75 ml of water
1/2 tsp. lemon juice
10 gr. discharge. oils
40 gr. cocoa

Ingredients for syrup:

200 ml of water
100 gr. Sahara
20 ml of vanilla tincture (or other alcohol)

For decoration:

100 gr. bitter chocolate


For biscuit: Separate eggs into yolks and squirrels.

Whisk the yolks with sugar.

Continuing to beat, gradually add warm water.

Beat for 5-10 minutes until the mass has increased in volume and becomes stable.

flour, starch and baking powder to sift into beaten yolks.

Gently mix by the method of folding from the bottom up, as if writing out a figure-eight.

Proteins beat up with a pinch of salt until soft steady peaks.

in three ways to add proteins to the total mass, each time, gently stirring by the method of folding, from the bottom up. Thus, the mass will remain airy, which will have a beneficial effect on the splendor of the biscuit.
Pour the dough into a mold, the bottom of which is covered with baking paper.
bake at a temperature of 180-200 gr. ~ 40 minutes.

Willingness to check with a dry skewer.

Allow the biscuit to cool slightly in the form.
Then remove it from the mold by removing the paper. Give the biscuit a rest for 8 hours.

For cream: Chocolate to break into pieces. Cream boil, remove from heat. add the chocolate and mix well until the chocolate dissolves.

Let it freeze. It is best to do this the day before the preparation of the cream.

In a bowl, mix the sugar, vanillin and milk, put on fire and cook the syrup.

in another bowl, whip the yolks and, without stopping the whipping, enter the hot milk syrup.

Put back on the fire, bring the mixture to a thickening, stirring constantly, that would not burn.
Remove from heat and cool completely at room temperature. so that the cream does not fade, it should be covered with a film tightly adhering to the surface.

Beat soft butter, add completely cooled egg-milk syrup and beat again.

add the fully cooled egg-milk syrup and whip again.

Chocolate grate on medium grater, add to cream, stir.
Mix and beat well creamy — chocolate cream with butter.

Mix and beat well creamy — chocolate cream with butter.

For truffle crumbs: Prepare a mug with icy water and a brush. mix sugar and water in a saucepan, put on fire. Let the boil.

Boil the syrup for 8-10 minutes, all the time, removing the foam and sugar crystals from the edges of the saucepan with a damp brush. For a couple of minutes before the syrup is ready to add the lemon juice.

Check the syrup’s readiness by dropping a drop in the iced water. A few seconds to wait, if the drop is molded in a soft ball, then the syrup is ready.

Put a saucepan with syrup on ice or in icy water, cool a little, stirring with a spatula.
Then beat with a mixer,

lipstick will instantly whiten.

add the butter, mix.

Add the cocoa and rub the lipstick into the crumb. Tip: For a baby to be beautiful and homogeneous, rub it on a large grater.

For decoration:

Melt the chocolate bar, pour into a low container, like a baking sheet. level with a thickness of approximately 5 mm and allow to freeze. Then, with a spoon for ice cream or another semicircular object, drawing on the surface of frozen chocolate, make curls.

Cake assembly:

Biscuit cut into three parts.

For syrup:

Mix the water and sugar. Boil the syrup. remove from heat and add the tincture. Cool it down.
Corgi soaked in syrup, which is done in advance.
Soaked cakes interlaid with cream, folding on top of each other.
Top and sides also smear with cream.
Sprinkle the surface of the cake with truffle crumbs and decorate with chocolate curls .

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