Travel. Norway: Interesting facts. Amazing places of the planet.

Travel. Amazing places of the planet. Norway: Interesting facts

Geirangerfjord is one of the most picturesque and most visited Norwegian fjords, located in the Sunnmøre region in the south-west of the county of Møre og Romsdal. It extends between the mountains at 15 km and is a natural extension of Storfjord (the Great Fjord). Its maximum width is 1.3 km. On the outskirts of the Geirangerfjord, where the Geirangelva River flows into it, there is the Geiranger village, from which it received its name. The population of the village is 300 people. In 2005, the fjord and the surrounding areas were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is this status that today impedes the implementation of the plan of local authorities to build power transmission lines through the fjord.


The unique relief of this area was formed during the late glacial period, when high mountains and deep fjords formed due to the movement of glaciers. The height of these mountains reaches 2000 m above sea level, and the depth of the fjords is 700 m.


Geirangerfjord is not for nothing that it has the status of one of the most popular tourist places in Norway, because it embodied all the best that can be found in a fjord — an ornate ribbon of bright blue-green water framed by a range of high snow-capped mountains, cascaded by cascades of waterfalls. The latter are the most beautiful local attractions, the most famous of them are ‘Fata Brides’, ‘Seven Sisters’ and ‘Groom’. The waterfall ‘Seven Sisters’, falling from a height of about 250 m, consists of seven small jets that cascade from the high cliff directly into the mirror surface of the fjord. It is located next to the abandoned farm Knivsfla. Opposite to it is a low waterfall ‘The Bridegroom’, which in shape resembles a bottle. One of the legends says that after numerous vain attempts to win the heart of one of the seven sisters, the desperate groom stopped courtship and took up the bottle. The waterfall ‘Fata Bride’, a light lace streaming from the rock, is located to the west of the waterfall ‘Seven Sisters’ and is one of the most famous waterfalls in Norway.

The ‘Seven Sisters’ waterfall:

Waterfall ‘The Bridegroom’:

In the program of recreation in the Geirangerfjord you must include trips on the famous routes called ‘Dear Eagles’ and ‘Dear Trolls’ (Trollstigen). ‘The road of the eagles’ is the steepest segment of the road serpentine, bending on 11 steep bends, on the way from the coast of the Geirangerfjord to the highest point of the mountain, located at an altitude of 620 meters. Mountain serpentine Trollstigen winds along the steep mountain slopes with dizzy narrow turns past beautiful waterfalls and magnificent mountain landscapes. These ways are not for the faint-hearted, because serpentines of mountain roads sometimes lie in dangerous proximity to the edges of the abyss, but the species opening from the top justify any risk.

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