TOP-6 Delicious puddings for children and adults

TOP-6 Delicious puddings for children and adults

1. Pudding from sweet cherry

● 80 g of butter,
● 4 eggs,
● 100 g of powdered sugar,
● ground cinnamon,
● 80-90 g of breadcrumbs,
● carnation,
● ground cinnamon,
● lemon peel,
● ripe sweet cherry.





Oil, egg yolks and sugar are ground, add a little ground cloves, cinnamon, almonds, lemon zest, protein foam, finely chopped cherries and mix everything. The resulting mass is spread into a mold (pre-lubricated with oil or margarine and sprinkled with breadcrumbs), covered with a lid and placed in boiling water. A pot of boiling water is also covered with a lid. Brew about 45-60 minutes until cooked. After the readiness to top watered with kissel or fruit juice.

2. Banana pudding with chocolate

● 4 eggs, powdered sugar,
● 40 g butter,
● 50-60 g of chocolate,
● 1 banana

Yolks, butter, sugar must be grinded into a foam, add grated chocolate, a banana and mix all the resulting mass. The protein foam, along with the breadcrumbs, is mixed into the prepared mass and spread into a finished form, covered with a lid and placed in a pot of boiling water, which I also cover with a lid. The finished dessert is decorated with pieces of crushed fruit, whipped cream and banana.

3. Apricot pudding

● 50 g of flour,
● 0.4 milk,
● 3 eggs,
● 30-40 g of oil,
● powdered sugar,
● 7 g of drinking water,
● 50 grams of jam from apricots,
● a little raisins,
● apricot compote.

Mix the oil with flour and fry, then pour the milk and cook until thick. The prepared mass is cooled and sugar, water and 3 egg yolks are added. Jam should be mixed with raisins and 50 g of powdered sugar, then you need to add a thick protein foam and put everything in a greased form. The finished dessert is served with compote.

4. Apple pudding

● 500 g of apples, cinnamon,
● 2 pcs. carnations,
● 60 g of sugar,
● sugar powder 50 g,
● 4 eggs,
● 2 breadcrumbs,
● milk

Apples are peeled and cut into small pieces, covered with a small amount of sugar, add cinnamon, 2 cloves and stew. Chilled soft apples must be wiped through a sieve. Rinse the butter and 4 egg yolks. Cut the breadcrumbs in small pieces and soak in milk, squeeze and also rub through a sieve. Apples are mixed with yolk mass, breadcrumbs and dried breadcrumbs. Brew until ready.

5. Raspberry pudding

● 3 tablespoons of raspberry jam,
● juice of one orange,
● 190 g of powdered sugar,
● 5 eggs.

Stir orange juice, sugar, raspberry jam and 4 egg yolks. To the prepared mass mix a protein foam and 80 g of breadcrumbs. Brew until ready. Ready pudding can be decorated with whipped cream or jam.

6. Orange pudding

● 9 egg yolks,
● 1 egg,
● oil (or margarine),
● 100 g of powdered sugar,
● 2 breadcrumbs,
● milk,
● 1 orange,
● almonds

Margarine (or butter), 9 egg yolks and the egg is ground into a foam. Sugars must be poured with milk, soak, squeeze and mix to the finished yolk mass. Then add grated peeled almonds, crushed orange peel, mix well and put into a mold. Cook until done. Ready pudding is decorated with orange slices.

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