Profiteroles, eclairs, shu — it’s all it. Air and weightless, crunchy or slightly soft, with a variety of creams, fruits and berries or savory filling as a snack version — in any form, this thing is absolutely wonderful. How to properly make it, how to plant, how to bake, how many still take the eggs for a standard portion and how to tame it with baking, even in the most seemingly sad oven. We’ll talk about this now.

Cooking time: 50 min.

Servings: optional

You will need:

125 g of water

125g milk

100g butter

150g flour

4 eggs + 1 partially or completely as needed

1 / 2ch. salt

5g of sugar

How to cook:

1. Brewed dough can be done completely on water or on a mixture of milk and water. I prefer the option of adding milk, because the products still get more tender and a little softer. The only point in this case when baking is that at the same degree of readiness in the presence of milk, the dough will be noticeably more rosy than without it, so you need to take this into account so as not to take out the preforms prematurely under-baked. So…

Cut the butter into small cubes. Water and milk with butter, salt and sugar bring to a boil (but not leave to boil) and complete dissolution of the oil. If the boiling started, and the pieces of oil are still left, then put the sauté pan off the fire and stirring to wait for complete dissolution. Pour the sifted flour into a hot mixture and carefully knead it until it is completely homogeneous. Return to the fire and brew for another 2-3 minutes stirring to a smooth uniform ball, lagging behind the bottom and walls and leaving a light fine crust on the bottom. Remove from heat and cool to a warm state in the mixer bowl.

2. Mix until smooth 4 eggs. Add them gradually in several receptions to the test, each time kneading very carefully. The dough should be smooth, homogeneous and noticeably shiny. From the corolla or scapula, it should very slowly flow down a wide band, and from the sack to be set off effortlessly. Typically, this consistency is not achieved by the addition of 4 eggs (we are talking about eggs weighing 50 g without shell). Therefore, very little, literally on a dessert spoon continue to add the fifth egg, until we get the right texture. To further check the result, you can draw a thin groove on the test and it should slowly try to swim. This is exactly what we need. Flour can have different moisture, so the final weight of the eggs will vary, but on average, I take 240g of eggs (and believe + 10g somehow magically, but they affect the texture, so we act neatly).

3. The oven is best prepared without paper on non-stick baking trays, then the products keep well to the bottom and it turns out perfectly even, but at the same time it is easily removed from the surface after baking. The dough is set off from a pastry bag with a round or star-shaped nozzle in the form of classical eclairs, rings, profiteroles, etc. In my opinion, the diameter of 10mm is ideal for not a cumbersome and cute result in any form. If necessary, moisten your fingers with wet fingers. If you plant the classic elongated eclairs with a round smooth nozzle, then the ends of the fork teeth moistened in the egg (use the leftovers), draw the longitudinal strips. They will help the eclairs to be carefully trimmed and not bursting when swelling.

4. And now the most interesting thing is baking. While I did not find the temperature recommendations from Maria Selyanina, I tried many others and always the result was unstable variety. In the latter case, everything is always great, so I now only use it. Preheated oven to 250C. We put the pan, close it and immediately turn off the oven completely. We are waiting for the temperature to drop to 160C (the products will become magnificent and begin to glow very slightly). Approximately 10 minutes, but it is better to focus on the temperature. After that, immediately turn on the oven again (without opening the door), but already at 170C. Bake to confident golden color for another 12-15 minutes. We take out, with the finest scapula accurately we shift on a lattice and completely we cool.


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