The most gentle cake in the world «Prague»

#The most gentle cake in the world «Prague»

It’s difficult to cook, but it’s an insanely delicious cake!


For biscuit:
● 6 proteins
● 6 yolks
● 150 g of sugar
● 115 g of flour
● 25 g of cocoa powder
● 40 g of butter

For cream:
● 1 yolk
● 20g of water
● 120g condensed milk
● 200g butter
● a bag of vanilla sugar
● 10g of cocoa
● 55g apricot jam

For glaze:
● 60g of chocolate
● 60g butter


Yolks beat up with a half of sugar in a lush very light cream. Whip the whiskey until it is thick. Add remaining sugar and whisk even before such a condition. then mix the proteins and yolks. Pour flour, sifted with cocoa, to mix, making a spoon of movement from edge to the middle, carefully, but carefully. Pour over the edge of 40 g melted butter, cooled to t-r 28-30C, mix.

Ready to pour the mass in oiled and flour-sprinkled form (23cm). oven at 200C for half an hour. Allow to stand on the grate for at least 8 hours. Since there were questions, I clarify: the baked biscuit cool in the form of 5 minutes, then turn it over and leave it for 8 or more hours in a normal room (in the kitchen). Grating is necessary so that the bottom of the biscuit is not soaked.

you probably noticed that if yolks were sprinkled with sugar and left (not whipping), they would curdle. This phenomenon is similar to how sugar acts on fruit, drawing out moisture. If you mix yolks with condensed milk, the same will happen. cunning confectioner invented first to mix the yolk with an equal number of water, and then add the condensed milk. Then put the mixture on a quiet fire and cook, as an English cream, seeking thickening. If you are afraid, use a water bath.

The boiled syrup is cooled and added to the pre-whipped with vanilla sugar oil. To add it is necessary a little, each time beating. At the end of whipping, add cocoa. Biscuit cut into three layers and sandwich with cream. Coat the outside with jam. Pour chocolate on the lipstick. for this you must melt 60g of chocolate and butter in a microwave or water bath, pour the cake. For a cake, enough 120g of glaze, but as the part will drain, do it with a margin .

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