Tender chops

Tender chops


The chops turned out so delicious, tender and soft. With creamy taste.


we will need:

pork 500 gr. (paddle)

milk 250 ml.

salt 0.5 tsp

sugar 1 tsp

black pepper a pier 0.5 tsp

1-2 egg

flour 100 gr.


Meat cut into portions, repel.

Mix salt, sugar, pepper in a plate. Wet hand to coat each piece of meat with a mixture. In this recipe, there was enough for half a kilo of pork. Put chops in a bowl, pour in milk. Leave the meat over for at least 1 hour from time to time.

Beat the eggs, salt a little and pepper. Cut the flour in the flour and then in the egg and fry in the pan until done


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