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Cake ‘Angelo’ — Taste terrific!

Cake ‘Angelo’ — Taste terrific! The taste is stunning — hazelnuts (lots of hazelnuts), mandarin and chocolate. Ingredients on the form 16-17cm (I have a Vortex form): Foundation Moile: 73 g of butter 7 g of hazelnut paste 57 g of powdered sugar 13 g yolks 127 g of fried hazelnut flour 30 g of […]

Blueberry-lavender cake with a mirror glaze

Blueberry-lavender cake with a mirror glaze Berry Confiture: 280 g of berries (I have blueberries) 8 g of gelatin 12 g cornstarch 80 g of sugar Soak gelatin in cold water. If we use powder, then in calculation of 1 gram of gelatin for 6 g of water.

Gorgeous cake ‘Delicious’

Gorgeous cake ‘Delicious’ Prepare a cake is very simple, but this will help me with my simple instructions. Imagine for a moment … sandwiches covered with meringue with crispy toasted nuts and all this is smeared with cream, which includes condensed milk and butter … can there be anything better ?!


CAKE ‘MOZART’ For the preparation of the cake (except products), I used a split form d 20 cm and tape to cover the inner sides of the mold. Products: For walnut crust: 5 chilled egg whites 220 g of sugar 75 g ground almonds 75 gr of ground hazelnut (hazelnut)

Wondrous  Cake «PAVLOVA!» with mascarpone

 Wondrous  Cake «PAVLOVA!» with mascarpone 🍓🍓🍓 egg whites — 6 pcs. sugar — 300 g vanilla extract — 1 tsp cornstarch — 20 g lemon juice — 0.5 tsp wine vinegar — 1 tsp

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