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Fruitcake with strawberry filling

Fruitcake with strawberry filling Not everyone probably knows that muffins can also be stuffed. Today we will prepare a cupcake with strawberry filling. The recipe for this dessert, simple enough, which you certainly will see for yourself.


«LADY CAPRICE» 🍰CAKE  This cake will never get bored! Ingredients: We need one cake (the number of cakes you control at will): — 80 g of flour — 1 egg — 100 g of sugar — 120 g of sour cream — 15 g of starch — 1 hour baking powder — 10 g of […]

Raspberry cottage cheese cake

Raspberry cottage cheese cake INGREDIENTS Sugar (for biscuit) 120 g Flour (for biscuit) 60 g Almond flakes (for biscuit) 60 g Raspberry frozen (for biscuit) 80 g Oil 20 g Egg whites (for biscuit) 3 pcs. Currant puree (for biscuit) 200 g raspberry puree (for biscuit) 200 g Sugar (for coolies) 80 g Gelatin (for […]

Venezuelan walnut cake

Venezuelan walnut cake Ingredients sugar — 200 g cream with fat content of 22% — 140 ml flour pancake — 125 g egg — 5 pcs. walnuts crushed — 125 g bitter chocolate — 100 g condensed milk — 300 g olive oil — 1 tbsp. l. milk — 125 ml

Chocolate leaf cake with zucchini

Chocolate leaf cake with zucchini I propose to make a chocolate leaf cake with zucchini. Very delicious and delicate chocolate dessert from the most affordable products. Help yourself!

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