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Fast cake from the microwave for 5 minutes

#Fast cake from the microwave for 5 minutes It is such a yummy! The cake is cooked in the microwave, but who do not, it is possible and in the oven. It is made very quickly, within 5 minutes. Taste stunning. It’s just impossible not to cook. Try it at least once a cake from […]

Beautiful strawberry cake «Freses»

#Beautiful strawberry cake «Freses» Ingredients: 0.5-1 kilogram of fresh strawberries; 1 packet of berry jelly. For biscuit: 3 eggs; 165 grams of flour; 120 milliliters of milk; 6 grams of baking powder for dough; 165 grams of sugar; 60 grams of butter; 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract; a pinch of salt.

Cake «Grape paradise»

Cake «Grape paradise with grapes and French cream «SABAYON» Almond sponge cake: 5 eggs 4 table. Spoons of white dry wine Rind of 1st lemon 150 gr. Sahara 125 g. Flour 125 g. Crushed in a crumb of almonds

Cake «Apple-tree garden»

Cake «Apple-tree garden» Ingredients Dough Eggs of chicken — 4 pieces; Sugar — 200 grams; Margarine — 200 grams; Flour — 100 grams; Starch — 100 grams; Baking powder (1 sachet) — 15 grams.

TOP-5  best dietary desserts without baking

TOP-5  best dietary desserts without baking

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