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Cake with pineapple

Cake with pineapple Ingredients pineapple ripe — 1 pc powdered sugar — 2/3 cup rum dark — 2 tbsp. l. vanilla — 1 pod turmeric — 1/2 tsp.

Raspberry Tart «Madam»

Raspberry Tart «Madam» Raspberry tart — seductive, fragrant and so fresh in summer.

Pistachio-strawberry cake «Delight»

Pistachio-strawberry cake «Delight» Products (for a cake weighing about 1.2 kg without taking into account the decor):

Unusually delicious cake «Gentle» with an amazing filling

Unusually delicious cake «Gentle» with an amazing filling A delicate biscuit, creamy souffle with the taste of «Bird’s milk» and chocolate sprinkle perfectly combine in such a naive cake in the form of a roll. Egg of chicken — 3 pieces Sugar — 100 g wheat flour / Flour — 75 g Starch — 25 […]

Yoghurt cheesecake

Yoghurt cheesecake Ingredients: 150 g biscuit biscuits 100 gr butter 6 tbsp. l. gelatin 650 gr of peaches 100 g of sugar 450 grams of yogurt 250 grams of creamy cream juice and grated rind of 1 lemon

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