Sponge cake with fruit filling

Sponge cake with fruit filling

On the festive table I recommend to cook this stunning biscuit cake with fruit filling at home. Delicious, beautiful and very mouth-watering dessert is obtained. Surprise your guests!


Butter, sugar powder and cream

Fresh fruit or berries To taste

Jam or jam 1 To taste

1. Using your favorite recipe, bake 2 lush biscuits. Allow them to cool down properly, then gently cut them in half with a sharp knife.

2. Prepare the cream. Cream cream can find an alternative — chocolate cream, based on condensed milk or ricotta, for example. Use the cream that you like in the recipe for biscuit cake with fruit filling. Lay it on half of the cake, gently distribute.

3. And level. Try to make an even layer, but too much jewelry work here, perhaps, is not needed.

4. Top carefully lay out the second cake.

5. Pull the cream out of the pastry bag over the edge. In the center place any fruit jam or jam of a dense consistency, it should not be liquid.

6. Slice the selected fruit and berries into thin slices. Place on top of jam.

7. Cover with the following crochet.

8. And repeat the layers. Here such beauty turns out.

9. The top can be decorated with cream if desired.

10. Also, a sponge cake with fruit filling at home can be covered with chocolate glaze or ganache, for example. Leave it for a couple of hours to impregnate, then immediately you can serve to the table.

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