Sautéed aubergine, in it all my favorite vegetables are collected: aubergines, tomatoes and peppers.

Sautéed aubergine.

Saute is one of those dishes that can act as an independent dish and as a side dish and as an appetizer. Perfectly eaten in hot and cold. And, most importantly, it contains all my favorite vegetables: eggplants, tomatoes and peppers. Well, what a charm!
You will need:
a pair of eggplant;
1 onion;
one large carrot;
a pair of bright sweet peppers,
several tomatoes;
sunflower oil for frying;
from seasonings: salt, hot pepper,
greens of basil and dill,
a pair of garlic cloves

How to cook:
1. Eggplant my, remove the tails and cut into large cubes along with the peel. I pour salt and leave.
2. Pepper and carrots are also not small, cut into strips, cubes, rings, yes, whatever
Onions are quarter rings. Gramulku of hot pepper.
3. I put tomatoes on juice with an abundance of pulp by simply rubbing them on a grater.
4. Roast eggplants in sunflower oil. I fry the rest of the vegetables.
5. I mix everything and pour tomato juice. Tomla on small fire for about 20 minutes. After that I try to salt and pepper, I taste to taste and, finally, just before removing the dish from the fire, I fill it with finely chopped herbs and garlic
6. Remove from the fire, I cover it with the lid, leaving a gap, so that the dish «breathes» and I insist for about 10 minutes. Everything else afterwards: eat, cool, pack in a tray to take with, well, and all that.
Well, eat vegetables and you will be happy!
Warmth and comfort to your home!
Bon Appetit!

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