Salad «Watermelon slice»

Salad «Watermelon slice»


Chicken fillet 400 grams;
Eggs 3-4 pieces;
Cheese 150-200 grams;
Fresh tomatoes — 2 pieces;
Fresh cucumbers — 2 pieces;
Onions — 1 head
Olives (for decoration)



To start zamarinuem onions. Onions should be cut. Take half a glass of water, a teaspoon of sugar, two teaspoons of vinegar 9%, all mix and add the chopped onion marinade for 15-20 minutes.
Chicken breast boil in salted water until gotovnosti.Yaytsa cook and clean. And we will need a piece of solid syra.Kurinoe fillets should be cut kubikami.Berem dish or bowl in which you’ll prepare a salad. We spread a layer of cooked crescent and sliced ​​chicken file.Smazyvaem mayonezom.Dalee lay out a layer of pickled onions, not making a big step back from the inner radius and a little more we adjust to the edge of the outer thin layer of mayonnaise radiusa.Smazyvaem.
Three eggs on a grater and spread on a layer of onions, too, making a small indentation on kraya.Smazyvaem mayonnaise.
Next you need on a fine grater grate a solid layer of solidsy


mayonnaise. Sprinkle with cheese lettuce edge, do say so crescent of cheese, it is not necessary to grease with mayonnaise. It will be white flesh on the crust of the three arbuza.Dalee not grater cucumber and season with salt and its peremeshivaem.Pomidory mode and delete the midway, that the salad was no excess liquid. Hard cheese will separate the pulp from the tomatoes into small kozhitsy.Rezhim kubiki.Vykladyvaem on cheese tomatoes. This pulp juice arbuza.Ogurtsy be allowed, it must be overcome. And put them on the side salad. It kozhitsa.Narezaem green olives, it will arbuza.Ukrashaem olives salad seeds slice watermelon.
Here such at me the salad. Of course you can also roasted mushrooms and Korean carrot salad to add, I think, too, will be delicious.

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