Recipe for chocolate macaroni with bitter chocolate

Recipe for chocolate macaroni with bitter chocolate

Ingredients (obtained 72 macaroni or 144 halves)
Preparation time: about one hour
Cooking time: 25 minutes
Preparation time for baking: 30 minutes
Time in the refrigerator: 2 hours + 24 hours




For macaroni:
120 g of cocoa bean paste or chocolate
300 g ground almonds
300 g of powdered sugar
110 g of «aged» proteins
4.5 red dye (carmine or cochineal)
300 g of fine crystalline sugar
75 g of mineral (non-carbonated) water
110 g of «aged» proteins

For ganache from bitter chocolate:
400 g of 35% cream
360 g chocolate covert (Erme uses Valrhona Guana) — can be replaced with bitter chocolate
40 g of cocoa bean paste or 99% of chocolate
140 grams of butter at room temperature (Erme uses sweet cream oil from the Charente region)

To sprinkle:
Cocoa powder (a couple of tablespoons)

Sift together the powdered sugar and ground almonds — almond flour (how to prepare almond flour, I’ll write soon). Cut pasta or chocolate and melt it in a water bath at 50 degrees Celsius, in a refractory cup over lightly boiling water. Add the dye in half a serving of protein (110 grams) and add to the mixture of powdered sugar and almond flour, but do not mix.

water and sugar, without mixing to bring to a boil and heat up to 115 degrees, start whipping the second portion of protein, when the syrup reaches 118 degrees, add protein in a thin trickle without stopping the whipping. Whisk at a high speed for a few more minutes, and then leave to cool to 50 degrees.

Add whipped proteins to a mixture of non-whipped proteins, almond flour and powdered sugar. Mix with a spatula using folding movements, then add melted chocolate and mix more (see note).

add the dough to the confectioner’s bag with a nozzle (Erme uses nozzles with a diameter of 10-12 mm)

On paper for baking, put out the macaroni with a diameter of 3.5 cm leaving 2 cm between them. With the help of a strainer, sprinkle the cacao macaroni.

leave for 30 minutes to the surface of the macaroni a little dried.

Heat the oven to 180 degrees (see note).

Bake for 12 minutes by quickly opening and closing the oven door twice during baking.

Remove the baking tray from the pasta from the oven and move the baking paper from the hot baking tray. when they are slightly cool, remove from the paper and leave to cool further inverted.

Chocolate ganache:

Cut the butter into pieces. Using a knife, grind the chocolate. Heat the cream to a boil. add hot cream to the chocolate in three sets (one third of the amount of cream, carefully mixing a whisk each time if the cream starts to separate — this is not a problem, you just need to continue mixing). When the mixture reaches 50 degrees, add the oil and mix. pour the ganache in a bowl with low walls and put in the fridge, where the ganache thickens for several hours.

Put the ganache in a confectioner’s bag, squeeze out one mackerel on one mat and close the other one.

remove in a refrigerator in a closed container for 24 hours, 2 hours before serving remove from the refrigerator

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