«Beautiful Marquise»

#«Beautiful Marquise»


For sand cakes:

300 g of margarine for baking (from the refrigerator)
3 yolks
3 cups of flour (480 g) — sift
1 tsp. baking powder
100-150 g of walnuts
For merengovoy layer:

3 egg whites
1 glass of powdered sugar
1/2 tsp. lemon juice
for cream:
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Beautiful strawberry cake «Freses»

#Beautiful strawberry cake «Freses»


0.5-1 kilogram of fresh strawberries;
1 packet of berry jelly.
For biscuit:

3 eggs;
165 grams of flour;
120 milliliters of milk;
6 grams of baking powder for dough;
165 grams of sugar;
60 grams of butter;
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract;
a pinch of salt.
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Tasty Cheese Casserole «Zebra»

#Tasty Cheese Casserole «Zebra»

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That quickly cook for breakfast. Omelet mushroom

That quickly cook for breakfast.
Omelet mushroom

Chicken eggs are a source of useful and valuable for the body proteins, fats, as well as various vitamins: A, B. B6, D and E. The most rich in vitamins yolk.

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Delicious and diet Fish in milk

#Delicious and diet Fish in milk
At 100 gr. — 106 kcal.

It turns out extremely tender and delicious!


• fillet of telapia / cod / haddock or other white fish 500 g
• skimmed milk 100 ml
• greens to taste
• salt, spices to taste

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