For biscuit:
flour — 1 item, sugar — 1 item, eggs — 5 pcs., vegetable oil — 1 tbsp.

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Very tasty Pina colada.

#Very tasty Pina colada.

We need:
Plug shape with a diameter of 20 cm

1 sponge cake *
500 g fatty sour cream **
70 g (1/2 cup) of powdered sugar (or to taste)
40 g of coconut chips
350 g canned pineapple rings
2 tbsp. spoons of gelatin
100 ml of cold boiled water
rum essence
coconut essence

Pour gelatin with cold boiled water for swelling for 20 minutes.
Remove pineapples from compote on a strainer and allow them to drain.
In a small part of the compote liquid, add 2 drops of rum essence (this will impregnate the biscuit).
Swell the gelatin to a boil (but do not boil!), let it cool.
Beat up sour cream with powdered sugar, add gelatin to the mass, mix again.
Add the coconut shavings, leaving a little to decorate, and 2 drops of coconut essence.
put sour cream and coconut cream in the fridge to get a little thick.
Fold the bottom of the mold with parchment paper. Put a biscuit cake into the mold, pour it with pineapple-rum impregnation.
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Amazing places worth visiting, Travel

Amazing places worth visiting, Travel


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Amazing Cave -Eyes of God.  Wonderful Travel, Beautiful places of the planet

#Amazing Cave -Eyes of God.  Wonderful Travel, Beautiful places of the planet

Cave Prohodna, located 112 km from the city of Sofia and 2 km from the village of Karlukovo, is one of the most famous caves in Bulgaria. Passage is very popular with tourists. In addition, several Bulgarian and foreign films were shot here. For example, the 1987 film ‘Time is divided’, ‘The Time of Violence’ or ‘The Hour of Anger’ in the Russian version.
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Cake Panna — Kota «WINTER CHERRY»

#Cake Panna — Kota «WINTER CHERRY»

600 ml of the depiction of 35%
75 gr.sahara
1 gr.vanili
a little lemon zest
100 ml of milk
15 gr. Gelatine

form 22×18
250 grams of savoyardi (31 pcs 10×2 cm)
90 ml of milk
40 gr. chocolate drops (finely chopped black chocolate)
250-300 gr. Cherries in own juice
200 ml of cherry juice (from compote)
2 tablespoons Sahara
7 g. pectin (Gelfix extra Dr. Oetker)
mint for decoration.
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