TOP-5 most wonderful places on Earth

#TOP-5 most wonderful places on Earth

Color rocks of Zhangye Dansya in Gansu province, China

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Light evening salad

#Light evening salad

on 100grams — 126.72 kcal


Cucumber 1 piece
Chicken boiled breast-150 grams
Cheese grated-50 grams
Garlic-1 clove
Crackers-30 grams
Sour cream-20 grams
Salt-1 gram
White pepper ground-0.5 grams
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Funny, cute animals

Funny, cute animals


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Unusual places of nature

#Unusual places of nature



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Yoghurt mini cake with strawberries

#Yoghurt mini cake with strawberries

Sponge cake either ready or made by yourself
0.5 fruit yogurt
0.25ml of cream is 35% fat.
2 tablespoons powdered sugar
gelatin 15g.

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