Delicious cake «Janduya» with chocolate ganash

#Delicious cake «Janduya» with chocolate ganash

We present to your attention a recipe for a delicious cake, which everyone will like.

Try to cook it once, and you will make this delicacy a frequent guest of your table. Sweet girls will appreciate it. it turns soft, fragrant and mega chocolate. Such a delicacy can also be prepared for a festive table. Guests will definitely be delighted. Keep the recipe and dilute your tea drinking so delicious.
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Amazing landscapes of the forest

Amazing landscapes of the forest


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Beauty Landscaping. Hedges and arches

#Beauty Landscaping. Hedges and arches

Fences and arches from the hips and roses
For such hedges should choose roses frost-resistant varieties. Many of them bloom twice. Seedlings under the age of 3 years are thrown into the trenches, in a checkerboard pattern, the maximum number of rows — three.
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Chocolate cake with raspberry and lemon cream

#Chocolate cake with raspberry and lemon cream

I want to share with you a recipe, in my opinion, a simple but very tasty and tender cake. The recipe was made after many experiments with biscuits and creams.

For 1 biscuit per form 26 cm:
4 eggs
120 g of sugar
90 gr. flour
30 gr. starch
20 gr. cocoa
30 gr. melted butter
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A pie that surpassed the charlotte!

#A pie that surpassed the charlotte!

Jellied pie
Pies from the pouring dough — perfect baked goods. You can mix dough with milk, sour cream, yogurt or kefir. The rest of the ingredients are generally unchanged: flour, eggs, baking powder or soda. liquid, creamy dough for filling pies is done approximately the same way as dough for pancakes or fritters. A filling can be any: eggs and green onions, canned saury, cabbage and mushrooms, and, of course, fruits and berries.
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