Mysterious owls. Amazing world. Interesting Facts

Mysterious owls. Amazing world. Interesting Facts

Owls are the most mysterious and regal among the feathered inhabitants of the forest!

Owl’s flight is completely silent thanks to its special feathers. This useful property helps owls in their night hunting.

Most owls are nocturnal birds; in the afternoon they prefer to sleep. However, some owls hunt at dawn or at sunset, that is, at dusk.

The eyes of the owls are completely motionless, which is why nature rewarded them with such a moving neck.

Eagle owls are the largest birds of prey on the planet, they even hunt for golden eagles and young boars.

In some species of owls, the ears are located asymmetrically, which allows them to better focus on hearing.

The accuracy of the owl’s hearing is such that these birds can determine the direction to the sound source with an accuracy of one degree .


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