Masterpiece chocolate cake «Ombre»

Masterpiece chocolate cake «Ombre»

We present to your attention the recipe of a very beautiful and interesting cake, which everyone will like.

Preparing it is incredibly easy, so every housewife will cope. Do it once and it will become a frequent guest of your table, do not hesitate. the cake is very delicate, beautiful, fragrant and so tasty that it is simply impossible to tear it away. Keep the recipe and dilute your menu with such a delicious cake.

The right ingredients
For cakes
380 gr of flour
280 gr of granulated sugar
150 gr of butter
70 ml of vegetable oil odorless
380 g of yogurt
3 eggs
20 grams of vanilla sugar
10 gr of baking powder
4 g soda
3 g of salt
Optional for cakes
30 g of cocoa
10 g of cocoa and 20 g of flour
5 g of cocoa and 25 g of flour
30 gr of flour
For cream
700 gr curd 9%
150 g sour cream 30%
120 gr of powdered sugar
vanillin on the tip of the knife
15 g of cocoa
Start the process

First of all, we take a detachable form in the form of a heart. If it is not available, then use the usual one. Its bottom is covered with parchment paper.
In a separate container combine flour, baking powder, salt and soda. whisk all mix well.
We drive eggs into a separate container. They should be room temperature. Add sugar and vanilla sugar. Using a mixer, whisk together for a couple of minutes. Then we send butter here. It should be well softened. then we also pour refined vegetable oil. Now we continue the process to homogeneity. The last ingredient is kefir. It must be room temperature. Once again, all the whisk. Add some flour mixture here and mix it gently with a spatula.
Now we need to divide the prepared dough into four equal parts. Approximately 345 grams. We place them on separate tanks. In the first part we send 30 gr of flour and mix well. In the second deposit 5 g of cocoa and 25 g of flour. Also mix. in a third rash 10 g of cocoa and 20 g of flour. Mix again. In the fourth we send 30 g of cocoa and also bring it to homogeneity.
We shift the first part of the test into the form and distribute it. We send it to the oven, preheated to 160 °, for 25 minutes. after the required time, we take out the finished cake and leave the form for 10 minutes. Then remove it and send it to the grate to cool. Similarly, bake three more cakes.
We send cottage cheese to a separate container. We add sugar powder and vanillin to it. Now, using a submerged blender, we bring it to homogeneity. Then shift the sour cream here and continue the whipping process for a few more minutes. Now we send a third of the cream to the confectioner’s bag with a nozzle. The cream that remains is required to be divided into two identical parts. in the first rash 10 g of cocoa, and the second — 5 g. Stir well each to homogeneity. For this process it is better to use a mixer. Now we send each of them to the confectioner’s bag.
We trim the tops of each cake. now take the dish, which will be our cake and place on it the darkest cake. Take the confectioner’s bag with the darkest cream and set it down. Then cover the cake a little lighter and apply a lighter cream. then we place the cake even more lightly on the tone and, therefore, we set off the light cream. Cover with the lightest cake. On the edge of it we decorate it with white cream. The next layer of the cream is a little darker. And the center is made by the darkest chocolate cream.
Now we send the prepared cake to the refrigerator for 5-6 hours.

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