Jelly on champagne with fresh berries

Jelly on champagne with fresh berries

Shapmanskoe — 300 ml.
Gelatin — 6 sheets
Berries — 100 gr.

In general, I really like this plan desserts — are prepared easily, the texture of jelly — quite pleasant and sometimes only such a dessert can please the spirit. and such a dessert with champagne and berries is very good, and not necessarily for some very festive occasion.

It turns out such a bright taste of champagne and a pleasant sour of berries. by the way, you can use fruits, all except pineapple and kiwi, they contain acid, which prevents gelatin from doing its work. And yet, vegan boldly change gelatin to agar-agar (in the right proportion) and do everything the same.

First in a small amount of champagne soak gelatin (cut the leaf). Take as much as indicated on the package and counting on your amount of fluid.

While he is soaking, prepare berries: mine and cut large ones. I trimmed the strawberry tails, making a flat area, a little later I’ll explain why.

Now put the stewpan with gelatin on the stove and keep it on low heat until it melts. Do not boil or overheat, just wait until the gelatin disappears and the liquid becomes homogeneous.

We remove from the plate and fill the rest with cold champagne. Stirring. And we pour into a glass with a spout (you can leave it in the saucepan).

Accurately pour almost up to the top liquid on the molds. Here you can use a la carte or one large. what to fill in — it does not matter, it can be silicone molds, glasses, mugs and the like. Next, put the right amount of berries and fruits and add liquid if necessary.

Berries float to the surface. because the strawberry I had was large (one entered into the form), then I wanted the berries to stand beautifully in the jelly. For this, I cut off small areas and covered it with a shovel. So the berry was fixed in the desired position horizontally and vertically.

here in this position we put jelly in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours, ideally at night. To remove — just lower the mold for 5-10 seconds in a cup of hot water, and then turn the mold on the plate. Very simple and very tasty!

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