Ice cream cake «Bomb»

Ice cream cake «Bomb»

The bomb is an unsurpassed summer dessert, originally from France, made up of ice cream. The name of the dish is due to a shape that resembles a cannonball.

Dessert has long been known and already in 1882 appeared in the restaurant menu. bombs look very beautiful in the cut, thanks to a combination of orange, bright crimson, as well as pale pink flowers. The sour taste of berry sorbet is perfectly complemented with mango sweets, as well as creamy notes of strawberry ice cream (you can substitute another kind, for example, chocolate).

ingredients for the recipe:
Ice cream cake
950 ml. mango sorbet, the recipe is attached
710 ml. softened raspberry sorbet
470 ml. softened strawberry ice cream
Mangist sorbet
3/4 tbsp. Sahara
5 large ripe mango, peeled and seedless
1/4 tbsp. freshly squeezed orange juice
1/4 tsp. salt

Preparation of dishes according to the recipe:
Frozen a bowl with a diameter of 20 cm. When it becomes cold, place a mango sorbet in it and press it to the walls. if you have a bowl of the same shape, but 16 cm in diameter (for example, from one set), cover it with a food film and press it into the sorbet to make the layer smoother. Freeze the mixture for 30 minutes or until it hardens. Clean the bowl with a diameter of 16 cmdistribute the softened raspberry sorbet evenly over the mango (in this will help a bowl from the set 11 cm in diameter, wrapped in a food film). Freeze for another 30 minutes or until hardened. Remove the bowl with a diameter of 11 cmat the end, put a sufficient amount of softened strawberry ice cream to fill the bowl. Freeze until solidified. To get the finished ice cream, immerse the bowl to the edges in warm water. Spend a knife at the walls to dessert from them. then turn upside down on a flat dish. You may need a flexible metal blade to hold around the edge of the bowl to get a dessert. Freeze ice cream cake until served. Serve by cutting into triangles.

Mangist sorbet
place sugar and 1/2 tbsp. water in a small saucepan and cook until the sugar dissolves. Place the mango in a food processor equipped with a steel blade, and rub it. It should be about 5 tbsp. mango. if you want a more uniform sorbet, you can skip the mashed potatoes through a vegetable grinder-mill, equipped with a medium-sized blade. Mix mango with sugar syrup, orange juice, salt and refrigerate until cool. Freeze in the ice cream, following the manufacturer’s instructions (the sorbet will be soft). Serve immediately from the ice cream maker.

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