How best to spend a summer vacation

How best to spend a summer vacation

Leave is delicate. Some prepare for it formonths and think it through to the smallest detail. Others like spontaneity and go to the first place. However, there is something that unites all — the desire to spend these days perfectly, without unnecessary worries and worries. there are several main factors that can significantly spoil the vacation. Therefore, choosing a place of rest, it is necessary to take them into account.

First, it is better not to go to countries with an unstable political situation. rallies, strikes and armed conflicts can create difficulties for tourists — stress and nerves, delay or cancellation of flights, inability to enter the city.

Secondly, pay attention to weather conditions. In summer in tropical countries, the temperature can rise to record levels. perhaps a trip to countries such as the United Arab Emirates or Egypt should be postponed for autumn-winter. In Thailand, India and the Maldives in the summer rainy season — long-term downpours can spoil the holiday.

Third, the summer months in some countries — this is a huge number of insects. so, in Cuba and in Mexico in the summer suffer from the invasion of mosquitoes. Instead of fighting with these animals, it’s better to wait a few months before vacation

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