Gingerbread cake with cranberries and oranges

That’s not afraid of pathos expressions came incredibly harmonious blend of all the ingredients in this cake. Just imagine — gingerbread, tangerines, cranberries, kirsch … What comes to mind? Winter, New Year, cold outside, heat, flavor and coziness at home.

Yes, this cake is the embodiment of winter flavors and aromas! Sour-sweet and citrus, rich and nutritious, spicy and drunk, juicy and crisp — it’s all about him.
In the course I went to a gingerbread house that we did not dare to eat in its original form, but my little daughter tried and ruined it 🙂 We had to do something, or just to eat, or create something. We, of course, and so gobbled half, but the second half had the good fortune to turn into this wonderful, enchanting winter cake.
Gingerbread cookies are crispy and perfectly combined with sour intoxicating coolies, all this combines gentle and delicate tangerine cream.
When you’re ready to gingerbread houses, then we remembered the math, geometry and reduced its volume thinking. There had to count again. But if you are not as scrupulous as I am, you can collect a cake and eyes will still be delicious.
I made a cake in a small form and proportions of naturally designed for it. In addition, I will bring in the recipe as a formula to calculate the necessary amount of the components (for peripheral surface). The same formula you can use if you cook a cake of larger diameter, but the proportions of ingredients need to be reviewed.

Cooking time: 100 minutes.
Servings: 4-6

You will need:


gingerbread cakes

Cranberry coulis with Kirsch

tangerine cream

Fresh mandarins and cranberries

The shape of Ø 16cm


Tangerine Cream:
142g egg
Sugar 157 g
3 peel mandarin (orange part only!)
115 g tangerine juice
5 g of gelatin
215 g butter (soft RT)

Cranberry coulis:
150 g of cranberry
50g sugar
10 g of corn starch
30 ml of water
50 g kirsch (you can take a good cognac)

½ Gingerbread House (Gingerbread House If not, then in the course of any fine gingerbread cookies go)
3 mandarin
100 g of cranberry

Gingerbread cake with cranberries and mandarin oranges

How to cook:

1. Tangerine Cream:
Soak the gelatine in cold water and allow it to swell.
Grind sugar with dried tangerine peel.
Collect the juice of mandarins. Add it to the fragrant sugar.
Mix the eggs.
And put in a water bath. Stirring constantly, bring the mixture to a 83-84S. Rub through a strainer and then cool to 60 ° C. Add gelatin and stir until it is completely dissolved.
Post a tangerine egg-mass to cool to room temperature.
Pour the cream in a food processor and start beating on high speed mixer, in part by adding softened butter. It is necessary to whip up the cream of air homogeneous state. It is important not perevzbit. Take in the refrigerator before use.

2. Cranberry coulis:
Cranberries and sugar mix in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Starch is mixed with water and pour a thin stream into boiling cranberries stirring constantly. The mixture was again brought to a boil and cook, stirring constantly for 3-5 minutes. Remove from heat, cool slightly, add kirsch and mix well. Some berries burst during cooking, and it’s good, they give extra flavor to the coolies. Cool to room temperature.

3. Assembling:
Gingerbread House disassemble. Icing clean off, for that rub against each other details.
Now remember childhood — the game «Tetris» and even geometry. Choose a large part of the house, we measure ruler — we will need to cut wedges size 5cm x 1cm.
To understand how much we need these sticks, use the formula for circumference C = πD
where C is the length of the circumference, D — diameter of the mold for baking, π = 3,14. Thus, C = 3.14 * 16cm = 50cm.
Since the width brusochkov 1 cm, we need about 50 units. I am writing about, because when trimming can get a little uneven and strips will be more or less.

4. Cut wedges are mounted vertically in the shape of a fence. At the bottom of the form of residues and scraps gingerbread laid layer so that it was completely covered with pieces of gingerbread. Here we play Tetris skills and useful J
Now, spread on a layer of gingerbread half cranberry coulis, it is completely cleared of films slices of mandarin 1 (the so-called syupremy).
Over distribute half of tangerine cream.
On cream — a second layer of carrots, so it is completely covered cream. Then — coolie, mandarin slices. Completes all cream, having leveled it neatly, while the cream rises slightly above the improvised «fence» of gingerbread brusochkov. Remove a few hours in the refrigerator.
Before serving, decorate with the remaining slices of mandarin and cranberries. I left the berries for decoration is not very much, so I still decorated gingerbread crumbs.

Bon Appetit!

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