Donuts from cottage cheese in 20 min

Donuts from cottage cheese

Cooking time: 20 min.

The recipe for making cheese donuts.

Description of preparation:

Curd donuts are cooked very quickly, neither tasty as hot, and cold. It is also convenient to take them with you. If desired, you can put pieces of fruit or berries inside the donuts.

Preparation of donuts from cottage cheese:

Beat eggs with sugar. Put in the bowl of cottage cheese, add the egg mixture, soda, slaked vinegar, flour and a pinch of salt. Stir all ingredients thoroughly until a uniform consistency is obtained. From the received mass with wet hands to form balls. Fry the curd balls deep-fried for 2-3 minutes to a ruddy color, turning the balls into a tumble. Finished donuts put on paper towels and let drain off the oil. Before serving, sprinkle the donuts from the cottage cheese with powdered sugar or pour over the syrup.


cottage cheese — 250 Grams

eggs — 3 pieces

sugar — 3 items. spoons

soda — 0.5 teaspoons

vinegar — 1 teaspoon

salt — 1 pinch

flour — 2 Cups

Servings: 3-4

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