Dessert   Strawberry trifle

Dessert   Strawberry trifle

biscuit 50 g
cognac or rum 1 tbsp.
fresh strawberry 150 g
sugar 1 tbsp.
sugar powder 1 tbsp.
cream cheese 200 g
cream 50 ml
nuts (pistachios or almonds) 25 g
mint for decoration

1. Biscuit cut into small pieces, pour cognac and leave for 5-10 minutes.
2.Strawberries are washed and dried. Part of the berries mash with sugar, cut into thin slices.
3. Mix the cream cheese with a whisk with powdered sugar and cream.
4. Dry the nuts in the oven and chop.
5. Fill the nuts with the bottom of the kremanki. then beautifully lay out the strawberries, so that the berries could be seen through the transparent walls of the cremants.
6. Place biscuit pieces on top and pour cream. If desired, repeat the layers. Garnish with dessert berry puree, nuts, fresh strawberries and mint. Send to the refrigerator for half an hour and serve .

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