Delicious mousse cake with an orange stratum «Delicia»

#Delicious mousse cake with an orange stratum «Delicia»

We present to your attention the recipe of an amazing cake, which will conquer all with its amazing taste.

Prepare it for the festive table and your guests will be delighted. Be sure to ask for recipes. in it an incredibly successful combination of ingredients. In such a delicacy you fall in love with the first piece. Keep the recipe and dilute your dessert menu with such delicious yummy.

The right ingredients
For biscuit
2 eggs
60 gr of granulated sugar
10 grams of vanilla sugar
40 gr of flour
20 g of starch
3 g of baking powder
For the jelly layer
400 g of peeled oranges
600 ml of orange juice
70 gr of granulated sugar
1 tablespoon orange peel
20 g of gelatin
80 ml of water
For Bavarian cream
4-5 yolks
400 ml of milk
100 gr of granulated sugar
10 grams of vanilla sugar
100 grams of black chocolate
20 g of gelatin
70 ml of water
400 grams of drains 33%
For chocolate decor
100 grams of black chocolate
100 g cream 33%
7 g of cocoa
8 orange slices
Start the process

First of all, in a separate container we sift flour, starch and baking powder. We all mix it well.
in another capacity we send eggs and add to them granulated sugar and vanilla sugar. Using a mixer, whisk all 5 minutes.
Now, in portions into the prepared egg mass, add the flour mixture and gently mix the spatula.
We take the demountable form for baking and its bottom is covered with parchment paper. Then pour the prepared dough here and distribute it evenly.
We send it to the oven, preheated to 170 °, for 25 minutes.
after the required time, we take it out and leave it in the form until it cools down completely.
We are going to prepare the jelly layer. For this purpose, in a separate container, fill gelatin with cold water. Now stir and leave for swelling.
We clear the oranges from the peel. then we separate the lobules and cut them into small pieces, but do not forget to remove the bones. We send it to a separate container.
In another container, combine orange juice with sugar and orange peel. Put everything on the fire and bring it to a boil. then we send the swelled gelatin here and mix it until it dissolves completely.
After the required time, we remove the biscuit from the mold. We clean from the crusts of the sides and top, gently trimming.
now set the ring around the biscuit (diameter 20 cm) and lay the acetate film on its sides.
Then place the prepared orange slices on top and fill the beginner to freeze jelly.
We send it to the refrigerator for a couple of hours.
we are going to prepare a Bavarian cream. To do this, we send gelatin to a separate container and fill it with cold water. Stir well and leave to swell.
In a separate container send yolks, 50 grams of sugar and vanilla sugar. We beat everything in a magnificent mass.
in another container, combine the remaining sugar with milk. We send it to the fire and bring it to a boil. Then the hot milk mixture is poured into the egg, while constantly stirring with a whisk. We return it to the pan and send it to the water bath. cook until thick, while also constantly stirring.
Now you need to strain the prepared cream and send it chocolate, pre-chopped. Dissolve everything to a homogeneous state and add melted gelatin in a water bath. mix well and leave until completely cooled.
After the required time, we take out our product from the refrigerator, remove the ring and film. Then we place another ring, 24 cm in diameter and again on the sides — acetate film.
Using a mixer, whip the cream until firm peaks. remember that they should be cold, as well as the capacity in which we beat them. After that, parts are sent here cooled chocolate cream, stirring constantly.
We shift some of the cream into a confectionery bag and, with its help, pour initially into the side parts of the cake. after which we cover the surface, level it and send the prepared product for a couple of hours in the refrigerator to freeze.
We are going to prepare chocolate decor. To do this, send the cream to the fire and bring them to a boil. then remove from the plate and send them pre-chopped chocolate. Then using a blender, make a lot of homogeneous and cool.
After the necessary time, we take out our cake from the refrigerator, remove the ring and the acetate film. Now sprinkle the surface of the cocoa.
stir the chocolate cream once more and send it to the confectioner’s bag with the nozzle.
After that, we form eight roses on baking paper. And we send it to the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
After the required time, we spread them on the surface of the cake and add orange slices for decoration

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