Decoration of festive dishes — salad «Goldfish»

Decoration of festive dishes — salad «Goldfish»



— Salmon oil (canned) — 1 bank

— Onions — 1 pc,

— Salted crackers — 50-60 g,

— Cheese — 100-150 g,

— Mayonnaise,

— Dill,

— Egg — 1 pc (for decoration)


Onions finely chopped (you can pour over onions with boiling water to remove bitterness).

Cheese grate.

Fish mash with a fork.

Boil hard-boiled egg and set aside for decoration.

Spread salad goldfish layers, each layer promazyvaya mayonnaise.

1st layer: onion

2nd layer: half the rate of crackers

3rd layer: Cheese

4th layer: the remaining half of crackers

5th layer: salmon


Pink salmon layer can not cover with mayonnaise and sprinkle with grated on a fine grater egg and garnish with sprigs of dill.

You can decorate a salad to your taste.

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