Chocolate cookies with coconut cream

Chocolate cookies with coconut cream😋

Very much with a very tasty cookies Thanks to the author and of course to someone who suggested I try it!
At your request!

Someone probably remembers that I wanted to cook this cookie in the form of a cake. But, it so happened that I have 3 yolks left. And so that they do not deteriorate, I decided to make a cream, and in the morning make cookies.


For the test:

● 250 g of flour;
● 25 g of cocoa;
● 100 g of powdered sugar;
● 200 g of butter;
● 2 egg yolks;
● 0.5 tsp. baking powder.

For cream:

● 3 yolks;
● 50 g of sugar;
● 20 g of flour;
● 200 g of hot milk;
● 40 g of coconut shavings.

For decoration:

● Coconut shaving;
● chocolate cream;
● chocolate ornaments.


I read in the comments to this recipe that some had problems when rolling the test. The dough was lukewarm, it did not roll well. And they also wrote that the fondant did not work or did not freeze. I did a little bit differently to avoid these problems.

First we prepare the cream. Better in the evening, so that he cooled down during the night.
I put the yolks and sugar in a saucepan.
I mixed it with a whisk.
I added coconut chips. Stirred.
She added flour.
I added hot milk.
Stir well.

I put it on medium heat and cooked until thick, constantly stirring. I left it on the table for the night to cool and thicken.
In the morning the cream thickened well, did not spread. Very tasty!
Cook the cookies:
Drain. butter at room temperature and powdered sugar put in a bowl.
Beat well with a mixer.
Add the yolks.
Mix again with a mixer.
Add the cocoa.
To the cocoa is not scattered around the kitchen, I first mix it with blades from the mixer.
And then beat until homogeneous.
Add the baking powder and flour. Not all, half first …
I mix the spoon.
Then I pour out the rest of the flour and mix it with my hand.
The dough on the table is kneaded to uniformity, rolled with sausage (I have a diameter of 4.5 cm).
Screw into food film or sachet and place in the freezer for half an hour or until freezing.
Then cut the circles with a sharp knife.
Lay the dots on the baking tray with the paper at a distance from each other. when baking it will increase slightly.
Bake in a well-heated to 180 * From the oven for 10 minutes. Time to see, tk. it is not visible by the liver that it is baked.
Allow the liver to cool.
The cookies turned out very soft and tasty!
Cool the cookies with a cream. Distribute the cream on the surface evenly.
Cover with a second cookie, just pressing, so that the cream from the edges a little got out. Then use your finger to remove excess cream and even a strip of cream.
It turns out about 20 such double liver.
Cream for decoration:
You can cover chocolate fondant, as the author suggests, or any chocolate glaze, or you can decorate with cream. Anyone you want.

I made the easiest chocolate butter cream.

● 200 g. oil;
● chocolate bar;
● powdered sugar (to taste);
● vanillin.
The butter was whipped with sugar powder and vanillin, added melted chocolate and this cream turned out.
The cream was transferred to a confectioner’s bag and squeezed out onto a biscuit. A little and a thin layer
Top with coconut shavings. You can still decorate with chocolate decorations
It turned out so tasty, that does not convey words! And sooo chocolate!
The next day the biscuit becomes soft (from the cream), and, it seems to me, it’s even more delicious!

Have a nice tea!

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