Chocolate cake with nuts, raspberries and chocolate

Chocolate cake with nuts, raspberries and chocolate

Sugar — 200 g
Eggs — 3 pieces
Nut flour — 90 g
Baking Powder — 7 g
Flour — 140 g
Dark chocolate (65% +) — 100 g
Nutella — 50 g
Cream 33% — 100 g
Butter 82.5% — 80 g


Eggs (3 pcs) whisked with sugar (200 g) at the maximum speed of the mixer, and the longer, the better. 5-10 minutes for sure! I took the sugar brown, but you can also take white, the taste will be a little worse.

while the eggs are beaten, mix dry ingredients to a uniformity: nut flour (90 g), flour (140 g), baking powder (7 g). The quality of flour is not important, but from varieties I would take hazelnuts.

Melt the dark chocolate (100 g).

Add soft butter (80 g) and Nuttell paste (50 g). instead of pasta, peanut and pistachio and any urbech will do. Connect until uniform!

Prepare the cake mold with a French shirt.

The mass of beaten eggs should be very lush, strong and increase in volume three times.

add half the dry ingredients and tamper with their silicone spatula.

Then enter the fat cream (100 g).

Then the second part of the dry ingredients.

At the end, gently enter a slightly cooled chocolate mass.

The dough should become homogeneous, but stir gently.

add the frozen (or fresh) raspberries.

Transfer the dough to the mold. I have 10x17x9 cm. Bake in the oven, heated to 155 degrees until it is ready. The baking time will depend on the geometry of your mold, and will vary from 25 to 60 minutes. when the cupcake is ready, take it out of the oven and, leaving it in the form, cover with a towel until completely cooled.

Smear the top of the cupcake with melted chocolate and sprinkle with pistachio.

Cover the top with a layer of chocolate. Here it is convenient to apply it in thin strips.

in this form, let it freeze, and then remove it from the mold.

Urkasit can be raspberries and pieces of pistachios.

The incision will please you with texture and interspersed berries!

Let’s deal with some points.

— Nut flour.

the cake will become more delicious and aromatic if you slightly heat the nut flour. For this, it needs to be fried in a pan or in an oven at 140 degrees. Constantly stir it and, most importantly, do not burn it. You will feel how a strong nutty aroma will appear, it will tell you that it’s time to stop. I repeat that hazelnuts will give the strongest flavor and taste to the whole cupcake.

— Chocolate.

You can change the chocolate to milk or white, then the cupcake will turn out completely different in taste and appearance. Topping of chocolate at some point will freeze. this is good and will serve as a strong frame for the top of the cupcake, however, for filing I would recommend it to be slightly heated, literally 15 seconds after passing through a hair dryer. The shine of chocolate will provide you with the «Wow!» Effect while the inside of the chocolate stays frozen and will keep the nuts.

— Berries.

raspberries are elegantly combined with chocolate, and besides, it is easy enough to find it all year round. If you use a frozen berries from a package, put the dough into ice cream as much ice as possible. But the fresh one should roll in flour if you are afraid that it will go to the bottom of the cake during baking. from alternative fillings — everything you want: nuts, candied fruits, pieces of banana, coconut stories and so on.

— Storage.

The cupcake will not lose moisture while it is in the form, and the top is sealed with chocolate, so it is logical to remove it from there only when its feeding is planned.

— Filling.

I use Nutella paste and fatty cream, but any nut paste (urbech) is equally good, and cream can be replaced with fat sour cream 15-20%. The cake will be slightly different in taste and texture, however, the substitutions are completely just .

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