Cheesecake without baking

Cheesecake without baking

cottage cheese — 500 grams;
cookies — 500 grams (300 grams for the base + 200 grams for the filling);
cream 33% — 500 milliliters;

butter — 60 grams;
powdered sugar — 130 grams;
white chocolate — 100 grams;
one teaspoon of vanilla sugar;
gelatin — 30 grams;
water — 70 milliliters.

Initially, we prepare gelatin for the preparation of cottage cheese sweets. To do this, fill the gelatin with water and leave it to swell. It is very important to use warm water, but not hot. when you pour gelatin with warm water, then it swells well, and this is very important in the preparation of any product using gelatin. and another important point is that the liquid (in our case it’s water) is poured into gelatin, and not vice versa. For the cheesecake base, we need 300 grams of chocolate chip cookies: crush it into small crumbs with a blender. For this cheesecake, I always use chocolate cookies withinterlayer.if you do not have a blender at hand, you can grind the biscuit with a rolling pin (we only crush the biscuits very finely). Butter (according to the recipe) is melted in a water bath or in a microwave.
then melted butter poured into a bowl with a crumb of sand and the whole mass is very well mixed. To prepare a delicate classic chocolate cheesecake without baking, I use a split shape with a diameter of 22-23 centimeters, but you can make a cheesecake of the form that you needon the soul. We spread the sessile crumb into a mold, evenly spread it all over the form and tamp it well. 500 grams of curd is pulverized into pasty mass with the help of a blender. It is very good to use fine-grained cottage cheese with high fat content: when cottage cheese is fat, cheesecake is obtainedespecially tasty. In the container to the cottage cheese we add sugar powder and mix well. White chocolate for cooking the cream melt (I melt in the microwave) .then liquid chocolate at room temperature (and it is very important that the chocolate was not hot) pour into the curd mass, add vanilla sugar and mix thoroughly once again. Pre-soaked gelatin is heated in a water bath, poured into pasty cottage cheese and again thoroughlymix. The cream (according to the prescription) must first be cooled; and the dishes in which we will whip the cream should also be cold. Chilled cream is poured into a cold container and whipped, gradually adding speed, to soft peaks (whip the cream with a mixer)in small portions, we inject well-creamed cream into the curd mass and mix it with a spatula. Then, in a uniform, put the cream evenly on the crumb, put the cookies on the cream, along the perimeter (according to the recipe 500 grams of biscuits are given — 300 grams for crumbs, and 200 grams for filling ), and now on the cookieswe form another cream layer, then again the biscuit, and the last layer is necessarily cream. Cover the form with a food film and place the mold with the contents in the refrigerator for a minimum of two hours. After this time we get the shape from the fridge, we draw a sharp knife along the edge of the mold and only now shootring. The curd cheesecake is decorated with whipped cream (I decorate using a pastry syringe) ..

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