Cheesecake from cottage cheese

#Cheesecake from cottage cheese

We start to prepare for 5 — 6 hours before filing.

good white chocolate — 100 gr.
fatty cream — 3 tbsp. spoons
dry biscuits — 50 gr.
Peeled almonds — 50 gr.

For filling:
non-acid curd of medium fat content — 300 gr.
fatty cream — 1 glass
natural yogurt — 150 gr.
mcccha (green tea in powder) — 5 teaspoons
fine crystalline sugar ½ cup
gelatin — 10 gr.
lemon juice — 3 tbsp. spoons.

For decoration:
good white chocolate — 50 gr.
fatty cream — 1 tbsp. a spoon
mcccha (green tea in powder) — 1 teaspoon.

round form with a diameter of 20 — 22 cm poured cold water and put it for 5 minutes in the freezer. Almond fry over medium heat in a dry frying pan, shaking, for 3 — 4 minutes, and grind in a coffee grinder or combine in a small crumb. Cookies are placed in a plastic bag and rolled out with a rolling pin or crushed in a combine. Chopped almonds are mixed with biscuits. Chocolate cut very finely, melt it in a water bath with cream. add biscuits with almonds, quickly mix to homogeneity. We remove the form from the freezer, cover it with a film. We spread the chocolate mass, compact it and spread it with hands and put it in the fridge. To make the filling, gelatin is soaked for 20 minutes in ¼ cup of cold water. Cottage cheese is rubbed through a sieve and beaten with a mixer with sugar. Yogurt is mixed with green tea powder. Add yogurt to the cottage cheese and whisk again. Zelatin squeeze, and stirring, dissolve in lemon juice in a water bath. Gelatin is poured into the curd mass and again slightly whisked. in a separate bowl, whisk a very cold cream and paddle them into the curd mass. The filling is put into a mold with a base, leveled and put in the refrigerator for a minimum of 4 to 5 hours. for decoration in a microwave or on a water bath, melt the chocolate with cream, add tea powder, mix. The resulting mixture can be poured into special molds and get green circles, triangle, leaves. decorate them with cheesecake made from cottage cheese and serve it to the table. You can sprinkle a cheesecake if desired, with white or green coconut shavings. Porous chocolate for this cheesecake does not fit. It is best to use tiled Swiss chocolate without additives .

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