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«Aristocrat’s Dinner» salad

«Aristocrat’s Dinner» salad «Aristocrat’s Dinner» salad Composition: 2-3 boiled potatoes, a piece of boiled tongue (about 200 grams), 300 gr. carpaccio of chicken fillet, 2-3 tomatoes, a bunch of red grapes, mix of salads, mayonnaise, horseradish with beets, salt.

4 rules of supper for weight loss

4 rules of supper for weight loss Add yourself 1. Diet dinner should be cold. Here the main thing is not how it is, but what. Give preference to light salads, stewed vegetables, boiled fish or chicken breast, steamed. 2. Refuse in the evening from the fruit. There are fruits best in the morning and […]

Spanish omelette. Tasty breakfast!

Spanish omelette . Tasty breakfast!  Ingredients: ✔ Egg chicken — 6 pcs. ✔Semga s / s — 100 grams ✔ Boiled potato ñ 170 grams Red onion ½ cup ✔ Cooking 1-2 1-2 teeth ✔ Olive oil ½ tbsp ✔ Cooking oil ñ 5 tbsp. gratin® salt, pepper ✔crop sour cream or Greek yogurt — […]

Pizza with tomatoes in a frying pan

Pizza with tomatoes in a frying pan kefir 1 glass Tomatoes 3 pieces sausage 200 g cheese 100 g flour 500 g egg 1 piece soda 1 tsp salt, spices, greens, olives to taste. First you need to make a dough: add soda to kefir and wait until it is extinguished. kefir should be at […]

Pancake bags with chicken

Pancake bags with chicken INGREDIENTS: ● 3 glasses of milk ● 2 cups flour ● 2 eggs ● cream ● 50 gr of butter ● 500g chicken fillet ● bulb ● sugar ● salt ● vegetable oil ● Pig Cheese OR Green Onions with Pens

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