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Pancake bags with chicken

Pancake bags with chicken INGREDIENTS: ● 3 glasses of milk ● 2 cups flour ● 2 eggs ● cream ● 50 gr of butter ● 500g chicken fillet ● bulb ● sugar ● salt ● vegetable oil ● Pig Cheese OR Green Onions with Pens

Very testy Open pie

Very testy Open pie Dough: 3 eggs, 2-3 spoons of mayonnaise and sour cream, stir. Add flour — to make the dough, like thick sour cream. All. We pour out on the crockery. On top put the stuffing, any!

Salad «Prince»

Salad «Prince» Ingredients: Beef 500 g Eggs boiled 4 pcs Pickled cucumbers 6 pcs Garlic cloves 3 pcs Walnut 1 st Mayonnaise 200 gr

Recipe for a very tasty and bright salad «Mexican»

Recipe for a very tasty and bright salad «Mexican» 👌 Here are the ingredients we will need  * Lettuce leaves — 3-4 leaves * Red Bulgarian pepper -2 pcs. * Sweet corn — 3-4 tablespoons. * Marinated mushrooms — jar * Green onion -1 beam * Salt and pepper to taste and a little […]

Fast lazy «pizza» on the loaf.

Fast lazy «pizza» on the loaf. It will take: sausage hard cheese loaf tomatoes mayonnaise ketchup greenery

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