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Chicken with potatoes is a simple , tasty and popular dish

Chicken with potatoes is a simple,tasty and popular dish Chicken with potatoes is a simple and popular dish, it is convenient to cook chicken for a festive table, and for daily use. Especially relevant this recipe can be in a large family, since the dish will turn out to be voluminous and there will be […]

Salad «Watermelon slice»

Salad «Watermelon slice» Ingredients: Chicken fillet 400 grams; Eggs 3-4 pieces; Cheese 150-200 grams; Fresh tomatoes — 2 pieces; Fresh cucumbers — 2 pieces; Onions — 1 head Olives (for decoration)

Salad «Birch Grove»

Salad «Birch Grove» -griby mushrooms — 200 g -luk onions — 1 pc -kurinoe fillets — 300-400 g

Salad in «carrot» of puff pastry

Salad in the «carrot» of puff pastry Ingredients: For tubes: 500g puff pastry Carrot juice mixed with tomato paste For the salad: 2 chicken breasts 2 fresh cucumber

Sautéed aubergine, in it all my favorite vegetables are collected: aubergines, tomatoes and peppers.

Sautéed aubergine. Saute is one of those dishes that can act as an independent dish and as a side dish and as an appetizer. Perfectly eaten in hot and cold. And, most importantly, it contains all my favorite vegetables: eggplants, tomatoes and peppers. Well, what a charm! You will need: a pair of eggplant; 1 […]

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