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Eat beautiful! ~ Ornament blyud.Pizza

Eat beautiful! ~ Ornament blyud.Pizza  

Baked zucchini with minced meat and tomatoes

Baked zucchini with minced meat and tomatoes Ingredients: 5 small squash (1.2kg) 400 g minced meat 3 medium bulbs 2 tablespoons tomato paste 7-8 small tomatoes 100 grams of hard cheese (can be without it) 4 eggs 150 g sour cream

Layered potatoes «For all occasions»

Layered potatoes «For all occasions» Ingredients: Potatoes — 20 pcs. Onion — 3-4 pcs. Meat — how much will it leave Cheese — 300-400 g Mayonnaise — 2 packs Salt Spice Greenery

Chicken breasts with spinach

Chicken breasts with spinach 🍴🍗🌱🍴 Ingredients: Chicken breasts — 2 pcs. Fresh spinach — 1 bunch Olive oil — optional Ricotta cheese — 100 g Hard cheese — for sprinkling Salt — to taste Seasoning for chicken — to taste

Rolls of chicken breast in cheese sauce 

Rolls of chicken breast in cheese sauce Ingredients chicken breast (8 pieces) 400 gr., ham 8 washers (250 g.), cheese fused 8 washers (200 gr.), cheese hard 50-80 gr., salt / pepper to taste, thyme. sauce: sour cream 250-300 gr.,

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