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Cake «Loved» with kiwi and tender soufflé

Cake «Loved» with kiwi and tender soufflé Biscuit: 6 eggs 1 cup of sugar 1 cup of flour Cream: Cottage cheese 9% — 300 g Sour cream 20-25% — 300 g Sugar powder — 1 tbsp. a spoon Condensed milk — 3 tablespoons

Dessert   Strawberry trifle

Dessert   Strawberry trifle biscuit 50 g cognac or rum 1 tbsp. fresh strawberry 150 g sugar 1 tbsp. sugar powder 1 tbsp. cream cheese 200 g cream 50 ml nuts (pistachios or almonds) 25 g mint for decoration 1. Biscuit cut into small pieces, pour cognac and leave for 5-10 minutes. 2.Strawberries are washed and […]

Polish honey cake

Polish honey cake The cakes for this cake are soft, biscuit, they rise very well when baking, so the cake is high. and they (unlike most honeycomb cakes) do not harden and do not dry after cooling, so they can be done in advance and stored in a refrigerator, wrapped with a film.

«Royal cake»

«Royal cake» dough: — 100 g of butter (melt) — 2 cups of sugar — 2 glasses of sour cream — 2 tsp. soda (extinguish with lemon juice) — about 3-4 glasses of flour — vanillin filler: — 1/2 glasses of raisins — 1/2 cup of nuts (here a peanut) — 1/2 cup poppy — […]

Chocolate-cream dessert with strawberries

Chocolate-cream dessert with strawberries An unusually tasty and light dessert-a real summer delicious. Ingredients: Chocolate dark-100 gr. Vanilla extract -1 ml (can be replaced with vanillin) Sugar powder -3 tbsp. l. Cream (fat for whipping) -250 ml.

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