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Coffee-nut cake without flour

#Coffee-nut cake without flour This beautiful and delicious coffee-nut cake does not contain flour or droplets. But it is without flour that it is simply magnificent. A rich coffee flavor and taste, a delicate texture and an air cream that melts in your mouth … Mmmmm … Tasty!

Healthy fitness Green Cocktail

Healthy fitness Green Cocktail In the season of apples — the most actual meal for me is a cocktail with dumpling and apples. A small bunch of greenery cut into large pieces so that the fibers are not wound around the blender, add 2 apples and water. I love the sweeter, so I put 2-3 […]

Potato-accordion, Very tasty and easy!

Potato-accordion, Very tasty and easy! Try it, you will not regret it! Peel potatoes, preferably not very large, elongated shape. Make cuts throughout the potatoes, not cutting to the end. SLIMME cover with salt.

The original beauty «Velvet» cake

The original beauty «Velvet» cake INGREDIENTS: For the cake: — flour 600 g — Butter 125 g — eggs 2 pieces. — sugar 1,5 cups — kefir 1 glass — food coloring red 2 tbsp. — cocoa 2 tbsp. — vinegar wine white 1 tsp. — vanillin 1 tsp. — salt 1 teaspoon — 1 […]

Low calories. Diet Salad with champignons and chicken

Low calories. Diet Salad with champignons and chicken   Ingredients: Chicken breast or fillet — 1 piece (about 300-400 gr) Champignons — 300 gr Potatoes — 2-3 pcs. Pickled cucumbers — 2-3 pcs. Green onions — to taste Salt, pepper black ground — to taste Sour cream — 2/3 cup Mustard — 1 teaspoon Olive […]

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