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Super tasty Pizza

Super tasty Pizza Dough for pizza (2 pcs. 30 cm.). Ingredients: — 2/3 Art. warm water; — 1 tbsp. l. olive oil; — 1 tsp.. Sahara; — 0.5 tsp.. salt; — 6.5 m. dry yeast; — 2-2,5 st. flour;

Cake with fruit in jelly

# Cake with fruit in the jelly   Ingredients: fruit; sour cream 400 ml. 100 ml of milk. sugar 200g jellies of different colors (red, green, yellow) 3 pack. gelatin 1 pak. (25g).

Salad «Storm»

# 0.5 herring 1 tomato 1 cucumber 1 pickled cucumber 4 eggs 1 small onion 75g rice Dill Mayonnaise  

Ice cream cake with crispy filling

Ice cream cake with crispy  Ingredients for the recipe: 3 liters. vanilla ice cream 250 gr. chocolate wafers 1 bottle (200-230 gr.) Of chocolate sauce 1.5 liters. chocolate ice cream 5 tbsp. whipped cream Color confectionery dusting (optional)

Cake «Grape paradise»

Cake «Grape paradise with grapes and French cream «SABAYON» Almond sponge cake: 5 eggs 4 table. Spoons of white dry wine Rind of 1st lemon 150 gr. Sahara 125 g. Flour 125 g. Crushed in a crumb of almonds

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