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Dietary «Caesar» for dinner!

#Dietary «Caesar» for dinner! for 100grams — 100.72 kcal Ingredients Chicken Breast 350g Rye bread 100 g Your favorite leaf salad (we have an iceberg) 100 grams Cherry tomatoes 3-4 pcs. (65 g) Eggs quail 4 pcs. (40 g) or 1 chicken Parmesan 30 g Salt and a mixture of peppers to taste

Strawberry cake «Lenivets»

#Strawberry cake «Lenivets» Preparation takes minutes, if you biscuit buy in the store, and a little longer, if you want to rip it yourself. And you will not find such yummy anywhere … 300 g of frozen strawberries 300 ml cream (33 — 35%)

Light evening salad

#Light evening salad on 100grams — 126.72 kcal Ingredients Cucumber 1 piece Chicken boiled breast-150 grams Cheese grated-50 grams Garlic-1 clove Crackers-30 grams Sour cream-20 grams Salt-1 gram White pepper ground-0.5 grams

Yoghurt mini cake with strawberries

#Yoghurt mini cake with strawberries Sponge cake either ready or made by yourself 0.5 fruit yogurt 0.25ml of cream is 35% fat. 2 tablespoons powdered sugar gelatin 15g.

Charlotte with strawberries

#Charlotte with strawberries Ingredients on the form d = 16cm: Almond sponge cake: 30 grams of yolks (I took 1 large yolk) 50 grams of eggs (I took 1 large egg) 100 g of proteins 94 g of sugar 45 g flour 30 g of flour 30 g of pistachios, finely chopped

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