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French cake with orange and sage

French cake with orange and sage Ingredients: Pistachio Sponge Cake Egg of chicken — 4 pieces Flour (pistachio) — 150 g Wheat Flour — 100 g Olive oil — 100 ml Sugar — 100 g Baking Powder — 12 g

Bright and elegant cake «Sahara»

Bright and elegant cake «Sahara» This bright and elegant cake is perfect for festive gatherings and just for creating a good mood. Delicate cream curd is perfectly combined with crispy cakes, and the original design will decorate any table!

Lemon-coconut cake

Lemon-coconut cake Ingredients: For biscuit: — eggs — 6 pcs. — sugar — 6 tbsp. l. — flour — 6 tbsp. l.

Cake «Khurminy Paradise»

Cake «Khurminy Paradise» Ingredients For a large biscuit: Egg — 5 pcs. Sugar — 1 glass. Flour — 1 glass. Vanillin — 2 g. For a small biscuit: Egg — 2 pcs. Sugar — 0,5 glasses. Flour — 0,5 glasses. Vanillin — 1 g. For filling: Sour cream 400 ml. Persimmon — 3 pcs. Marmalade […]

Cake «Cherry in chocolate»

Cake «Cherry in chocolate» You will need: Coffee-chocolate biscuit 100 g of cocoa (the darker, the better) 200 g of flour 250 g of sugar 1.5 tsp soda 1 tsp baking powder (I took without a roller coaster) a pinch of salt 2 eggs (I use select ones) 100 ml. hot strong coffee (can be […]

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