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Chocolate cakes-rolls

Chocolate cakes-rolls Ingredients: Dough: Eggs of chicken — 3 pcs. Flour — 2 tbsp. l.


THE PERFECT TASTE TEST Profiteroles, eclairs, shu — it’s all it. Air and weightless, crunchy or slightly soft, with a variety of creams, fruits and berries or savory filling as a snack version — in any form, this thing is absolutely wonderful. How to properly make it, how to plant, how to bake, how many […]

Chocolate roll «Black Forest».

Chocolate roll «Black Forest». Biscuit: 4 eggs 125 grams of sugar 60 gr of flour 65 g cocoa powder 30 gr of butter Cream: 300 ml of creamy cream 100 gr of fresh or frozen cherry Syringe for impregnation: 50 ml of water

Vanilla capkake with cherry center and chocolate cream.

Vanilla capkake with cherry center and chocolate cream. I would like to give you a recipe for classic, basic vanilla

Ice cream ‘Mojito’

Ice cream ‘Mojito’ Ingredients: 1.5 cups of milk (1 glass = 250 ml) 40 gr. fresh mint leaves (not stalks) 300 ml thick cream 33% 400 gr. condensed milk grated peel and juice 2 large lemons 3 tablespoons mint liquor or white rum (optional)

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