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Donuts from cottage cheese in 20 min

Donuts from cottage cheese Cooking time: 20 min. The recipe for making cheese donuts.

Hedgehogs in the oven. CHILDREN’S MENU

Hedgehogs in the oven CHILDREN’S MENU «Hedgehogs» are the same meatballs. But if in minced meat for meatballs, the rice is cooked until half cooked, in rice for hedgehogs rice is laid raw. Baked in the oven hedgehogs produce rice «thorns» out.

Heavy smoothies. Diet menu

Heavy smoothies. Diet menu Nutritionists believe that breakfastshould be the most dense for breakfast. Therefore, for the first meal after awakening nourishing smoothies will suit.

Marble cheesecake «Zebra»

Marble cheesecake «Zebra» Ingredients: eggs — 3 pcs. cottage cheese 0% — 400 g, yoghurt — 0.5 tbsp., cocoa powder — 2. tsp sweetener to taste. Preparation: Mix cottage cheese and yogurt with a blender until you get a consistency similar to sour cream. Add eggs, sugar substitute. Divide the dough into 2 halves. Add […]

Chocolate-curd cake.

Chocolate-curd cake. Chocolate-curd cake has won me an exquisite combination. Gentle, crumbly, chocolate layer and cream curd create a delicious harmonious duet! For the chocolate layer: chocolate — 100 g; butter — 100 g; sugar — 100 g; flour — 100 g; cocoa — 2 tbsp. l .; egg — 2 pieces; baking powder — […]

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