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Curd-yoghurt cake

Curd-yoghurt cake Ingredients for 5 servings: For the test: Sugar 120 gr [still in the cream to taste] Wheat flour 90 gr Chicken eggs 4 things. Butter 80 gr Baking powder 1 teaspoonful.

Delicious! Eclairs with creamy cream

Eclairs with creamy cream Ingredients: 100g butter 250g flour 250g mascarpone 100ml 33-35% cream a pinch of salt 4 eggs 100g of powdered sugar for sprinkling

Lazy Cake. My favorite cake for tea

Lazy 🍰Cake. My favorite cake for tea Oil 140 gr, Sugar 140 gr, Chocolate 200 gr, Flour 120 gr, Eggs 6 pcs,

Chocolate biscuit cake with caramel cream

«Chocolate biscuit cake with caramel cream» Ingredients: 140 grams of sugar 8 yolks 1/4 cup of ground rye breadcrumbs 30 grams of flour 70 grams of grated chocolate 4 protein

The secret of the omelet: Ruddy crust and airiness

The secret of the omelet: Ruddy crust and airiness are the two main characteristics with which the omelet is associated, which was once prepared for all of us in the kindergarten. And although those times are gone forever, everyone can prepare a magnificent omelet for breakfast.

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