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Lovely cookies «Bears», which you can bake with the children

Lovely cookies «Bears», which you can bake with the children;) Recipe: 110 g of flour

Chocolate and orange cake

Chocolate and orange cake Non-standard, original and megashoshkladny! All this is about our cake with a rich filling, air ganash and fragrant oranges. Such a dessert can not be classified as a budget, but how delicious it is! You can sometimes pamper yourself with a chic treat.

Crispy cheese sticks

Crispy cheese sticks 🧀❤🧀 Ingredients: Mozzarella sticks — 10 pcs. Flour — 0,25 stack. Paprika — 2 tsp. Salt — 2 tsp. Black pepper — 2 tsp. Cream — 0,75 stack. Hot sauce — 4-6 tbsp. l. Egg — 1 pc. Vegetable little — for frying

Fruit biscuit cake

Fruit biscuit cake 🍒Internationals: 🍒 For biscuit: -4 eggs -1 tbsp. Sahara -1 tbsp. flour -vanillin — a pinch of salt and citric acid

Curd cake with apples

Curd cake with apples Very tasty in a warm form with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Ingredients: Flour (the amount of flour depends on the moisture of the cottage cheese) — 2.5 stacks. Butter — 250 g Cottage cheese — 200 g Sugar is a stack. Vanilla sugar — 1 packet Baking Powder — […]

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