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What to cook for guests. Potato ‘nests’ with chicken

Potato ‘nests’ with chicken Ingredients: -Cartofel 400-450 grams chicken mince 200-250 grams -Luk 1 piece -ches (denticle) 1 piece Egg 1 piece -mook 2-3 tbsp. spoons -food solid (optional) 50-70 grams

Classic tiramisu from cookies

Classic tiramisu from cookies INGREDIENTS: Table of measures mascarpone cheese 500 g coffee strong 300 ml savoyardi cookies 200 g eggs 5-6 pcs. sugar 6 tablespoons cognac Eggs


BLACK AND WHITE CAKE INGREDIENTS dough: 6 eggs 200 gr. Sahara 180 gr. flour 3 tsp. cocoa pinch of baking powder cream: 250 gr. white chocolate 500 gr. cottage cheese (I took cream cheese ‘Philadelphia’) 2 -3st.l. powdered sugar 100 gr. cherry jam (I have a plum) 2 tablespoons cherry liqueur (I did not add) […]

Cake with tender soufflé and pineapple

Cake with tender soufflé and pineapple Appetizing cake with a delicate yoghurt soufflé and canned pineapple will become a real decoration of the festive table. Air biscuit, refreshing soufflé with pieces of jelly and fruit, and on top gentle chocolate ganache — what can be more delicious? It is not difficult to cook at all. […]

Stunning cheese cakes with a banana in the oven

Stunning cheese cakes with a banana in the oven They are great for breakfast as well as dessert for dinner. These cheese cakes are incredibly airy, and they conquer everyone who tries them. Also have a delicate taste. Be sure to try to cook them. You and your family will be delighted with them.

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