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Raspberry chocolate cake

Raspberry chocolate cake Ingredients: RASPBERRY STYLE 1/4 cup (52 g) of sugar 1 tbsp. l. cornstarch 2 tsp. water 2 cups (225 g) raspberries *

Cake «Honeydew»

Cake «Honeydew» Any confectioner will confirm that this is the best dessert! For the test: honey — 80-90gr (2-3 tablespoons). sugar — 2/3 cup flour — 2,5-3 cups eggs — 3 pieces soda — 0,5 hl. For cream: sour cream 15% — 800ml curd mass — 600gr (I use cheese curds) sugar — 1 glass […]

Tender Chicken fillet in creamy sauce

Tender Chicken fillet in creamy sauce

Cranberry homemade ice cream 

Cranberry homemade ice cream  Cooking time* 40 min Preparation time * 180 min Ingredients 2 servings

Cold dessert «Delight»!

Cold dessert «Delight»!   Ingredients: Ice cream 200g Vanilla yogurt 100-150 ml Kiwi 4 pcs. Strawberry 100g Sugar 150 g

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