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Croutons on squirrels or a protein cake

#Croutons on squirrels or a protein cake Required Products proteins — 200 g sugar — 200 g flour — 200 gr nuts — 200 g candied fruits — 50 gr Getting Started In the bowl, pour in the whites and whisk them on small turns until lush foam. then slightly sprinkle sugar, gradually increasing the […]

Jelly dessert «Tenderness»

#Jelly dessert «Tenderness» Rice layer Figure «Select» ½ cup water 2 cups milk 1 glass sugar 0.3 cups vanillin 1 pinch cinnamon powder ½ tsp. raisin black 1 tbsp. l. Pumpkin layer pumpkin 350g sugar 0.3 cups nutmeg 1 g Curd layer cottage cheese 2% 300 g black currant 2 tbsp. l. sugar 0.3 cups […]

Cake «Visiting a fairy tale»

#Cake «Visiting a fairy tale» Ingredients Walnuts — 1,5 cups Cottage cheese — 700 g Seeds (peeled) — 0.5 tbsp. Honey — 9 teaspoons Water — 0.5 cups Apples — 1 pc. Bananas — 4 pcs. Cinnamon — to taste

Delicious cake «Janduya» with chocolate ganash

#Delicious cake «Janduya» with chocolate ganash We present to your attention a recipe for a delicious cake, which everyone will like. Try to cook it once, and you will make this delicacy a frequent guest of your table. Sweet girls will appreciate it. it turns soft, fragrant and mega chocolate. Such a delicacy can also […]

Chocolate cake with raspberry and lemon cream

#Chocolate cake with raspberry and lemon cream I want to share with you a recipe, in my opinion, a simple but very tasty and tender cake. The recipe was made after many experiments with biscuits and creams. For 1 biscuit per form 26 cm: 4 eggs 120 g of sugar 90 gr. flour 30 gr. […]

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