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Low calories. Vitamin salad

#Low calories. Vitamin salad At 100g-39.27kcal Ingredients: • Beet 100 g • Carrots 100 g • Apples 100g • Garlic to taste • Natural yogurt for refueling

Decorate the holiday table fruits

#Decorate the holiday table fruits      

Weight loss Many vitamins — Salad “Health”

 #Weight loss Many vitamins — Salad “Health”

4 rules of supper for weight loss

4 rules of supper for weight loss Add yourself 1. Diet dinner should be cold. Here the main thing is not how it is, but what. Give preference to light salads, stewed vegetables, boiled fish or chicken breast, steamed. 2. Refuse in the evening from the fruit. There are fruits best in the morning and […]

Useful banana fritters. Fitness Recipes

Useful banana fritters. Fitness Recipes­ for 100grams — 146.42 kcal Ingredients: 3 medium bananas 300 g Oat flakes 100 gr Milk 0.5% 50 ml Egg 1 pc.

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