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Salad for weight loss «Whisk»

Salad for weight loss «Whis» A wonderful salad, like a broom sweeps out of the body slag and brings great benefits. This is an incredibly useful dish — a wonderful tool to clean the intestines, great for days of rest

EASY salad «Neat figure»

EASY salad «Neat figure» INGREDIENTS: ● Corn — 1 bank ● peas — 1 Bank ● sausage cooked smoked — 200-300 g, ● boiled eggs — 4 pcs. ● cabbage — 300 g, ● mayonnaise (sour cream), salt — to taste.

TOP-6 fitness recipes for dinner!

TOP-6 fitness recipes for dinner! Supper should consist of protein and vegetables. Vegetables are twice as large. than protein. The protein should be light: fish, seafood, cottage cheese, white cheese, such as Mozzarella or Adyghe, eggs, beans, lentils, mushrooms. Vegetables for dinner are good for cauliflower, green salad, Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes, broccoli, celery, pumpkin, leek, […]

Protein roll — the perfect dinner!

Protein roll — the perfect dinner! On 100grams — 82.35 kcalkcal Ingredients: Egg of chicken — 1 piece Egg white-2 pcs. Milk — 50g Chicken Breast — 100g Bulgarian pepper — 1/2 pcs Onion — 1 pc. (Medium) Salt, pepper — to taste

Oatmeal-cottage cheese-apple diet pancakes

Oatmeal-cottage cheese-apple diet pancakes Oladushki for those who watch their figure.

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