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Light evening salad

#Light evening salad on 100grams — 126.72 kcal Ingredients Cucumber 1 piece Chicken boiled breast-150 grams Cheese grated-50 grams Garlic-1 clove Crackers-30 grams Sour cream-20 grams Salt-1 gram White pepper ground-0.5 grams

Delicious low-calorie pizza

#Delicious low-calorie pizza Ingredients: Chicken Breast (large) — 300 g Cheese — 20 g Bulgarian pepper — half Cherry tomatoes — 2 pcs. Mushrooms — 1 pc Greenery Lemon — half Bow — 1 head Salt pepper

Low calories Broccoli salad with chicken

#Low calories Broccoli salad with chicken for 100grams — 115.31kcal Ingredients: Chicken breast 2 pieces Broccoli cabbage 1 piece Hard cheese, low-fat 250 g Natural yoghurt 100 g Salt, greens to taste

Light salad for slenderness for weight loss

#Light salad for slenderness for weight loss for 100grams — 80.5 kcal Ingredients: 2-3 fillets of chicken breast 1 small can of pineapple canned 1 head of lettuce Iceberg Sour cream 15%

Low-calorie salad «Night»

#Low-calorie salad «Night» for 100grams — 126.73 kcal Ingredients: Eggs boiled 5 pcs. Boneless chicken breast 200 g Mushrooms boiled 200 g (we have champignons) Low-fat cheese 100-150 g Greenery for decoration Natural yoghurt 100 g

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