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Fitness breakfast. Peanut smoothies

Fitness breakfast. Peanut smoothies Ingredients (per serving): Peanuts — 100 g Vanilla ice cream — 100 g Milk — 50 ml Nutella — 20 g Whipped cream — 25 ml

Green and very useful smoothies

Green and very useful smoothies Ingredients: apple or orange juice, spinach, banana, frozen berries.

Vegetarian green chocolate-banana smoothie

Vegetarian green chocolate-banana smoothie Ingredients: banana, coconut milk, spinach, chocolate syrup.

Green energy and clearing drink

Green energy and clearing drink Ingredients: 1 banana, some oatmeal or other cereals, Chinese cabbage, peanut butter, cut green or red apple, cucumber, vanilla almond milk. If you wish, you can add a little Stevia.

Protein smoothies «Green warrior»

Protein smoothies «Green warrior» Ingredients: half a glass of red grapefruit juice, spinach or Peking cabbage, sweet apple, cucumber, celery, the nucleoli of hemp, mango, peppermint leaves and coconut oil (optional).

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